Ondra Opens Another 5.15 in Spain—UPDATED


3/14/11 - News link: Still on a tear through Spain's hardest sport climbs, Adam Ondra opened Obrint el Sistema in Santa Ana, Spain, on Sunday, suggesting 5.15a for the route. This line is a "second" extension to Victor Fernandez's route Obrint Pas—Ondra added some very technical and physical moves to an existing extension by Dani Andrada.

According to a report by Desnivel.com (in Spanish), it had been raining nonstop Saturday, but the 100-foot, overhanging route, which sits in the Paret del Vent sector, stayed dry. Ondra worked Obrint el Sistema over the weekend, only needing five attempts to make the ascent.

Ondra is reportedly focusing on another Dani Andrada project in Santa Ana called Saltando a Dos Manos, a possible 5.15a, which sits near even harder projects: Contra el Sistema (5.15b/c) and La Sombra del Viento (5.15b).

This ascent follows Ondra's groundbreaking four 5.14c onsights in the span of several days.

In Oliana, Spain, Daila Ojeda just put away her project, Paper Mullat (5.14a/b), which apparently was caught on camera by Chuck Fryberger, who is currently filming his new film, The Scene.

Dates of ascents: March 12 (Ojeda) and 13, 2011

Sources: desnivel.com, dailaojeda.blogspot.com