Our Complete 2014/2015 Dawn Wall Coverage


Collected news and videos from Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson's current push up the Dawn Wall on El Capitan in Yosemite, California.



Dawn Wall Day 1 Video: The First Five Pitches

Footage from Saturday, December 27. Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell begin their push to climb the Dawn Wall.


Dawn Wall Day 2 Video: The First 5.14 Pitch

Footage from Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson's second day charging up the Dawn Wall.


Dawn Wall Day 3 Video: Skipping a Rest Day

Instead of taking a planned rest day, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson push through pitch 10 on their Dawn Wall attempt.


Dawn Wall Day 4 Video: An Arctic Windstorm

Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell use a bad weather day as an opportunity to rest. Jorgeson presents a tour of his portaledge home on the wall.


Dawn Wall Day 5 Video: The Molar Traverse

Kevin Jorgeson passes his previous high point on his Dawn Wall attempt with Tommy Caldwell.


Dawn Wall Day 6 Video: Crux Pitch Goes Down

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson both free-climbed pitch 14 of the Dawn Wall on January 1, their sixth day of this winter's push on El Capitan. The 5.14+ pitch, which Caldwell first free-climbed in November, is the hardest lead on the wall. Jorgeson had never redpointed it before his New Year's Day send.


Dawn Wall Day 8 Video: Caldwell Completes the Traverse

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson attempt pitch 15 of the Dawn Wall on the eighth day of their winter push up El Capitan. Pitch 15 is the second traverse of the route, and the second hardest pitch on the wall according to Jorgeson.


Valley Uprising Bonus Scene: Tommy Caldwell and the Dawn Wall

In this bonus clip from Valley Uprising, Tommy Caldwell describes his Dawn Wall obsession, and the parallels with one of Yosemite's pioneers, Warren Harding, who first aid climbed the route in 1970.


Dawn Wall Days 9 & 10 Video: Jorgeson's Dilemma

Kevin Jorgeson takes a few unplanned rest days, as skin issues halt his progress on pitch 15.


Dawn Wall Days 11-13 Video: Tough Times

Kevin Jorgeson falls further behind Tommy Caldwell on the team's quest to climb the Dawn Wall. Jorgeson asks himself some tough questions.


Dawn Wall Video: Pitch 15

Kevin Jorgeson describes the crux of pitch 15 on the Dawn Wall and why it's so difficult. It took Jorgeson 11 redpoint attempts over seven days before he finished this pitch.


Dawn Wall Day 14 Video: A Major Breakthrough

Kevin Jorgeson passes an important make-or-break point in the route, and begins to catch up to partner Tommy Caldwell.


Close Up: Watch Tommy Caldwell Send Pitch 15 of the Dawn Wall

Originally rated 5.14d, Kevin Jorgeson described the crux of pitch 15 (now 5.14c) as 14 micro hand and foot movements, while holding some of the smallest holds on the wall, in a full iron-cross extension. Tommy Caldwell described the holds as the "smallest and sharpest holds I have ever attempted to hold onto." Watch as Caldwell works his way through the delicate and incredibly difficult moves with style.


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1/9/15—Dawn Wall Update: Caldwell Completes 5.13c Pitches, Jorgeson Sends Pitch 15

1/10/15—Jorgeson Finishes Last 5.14 of Dawn Wall

1/13/15—Dawn Wall Update: The Final Push

1/14/15—The Dawn Wall Goes Free!

1/15/15—Dawn Wall Headlines From Across the Country

1/16/15—Dawn Wall Highlights From Around the Internet



Video: Tommy Caldwell Climbs The Four Hardest Routes at the Monastery in a Day

In training for this year's Dawn Wall attempt, Tommy Caldwell formulated an audacious goal that would bring back him to his home crag in Colorado, The Monastery. In one big day he knocks out The Quickening (5.13c/d),Grand Ol Opry (5.14b), Third Millenium (5.14a), and Dream Catch (5.13d).


Video: How Tommy Caldwell and Angie Payne Train for Big Projects

Tommy Caldwell and Angie Payne discuss how the training they do indoors impacts their projects like Yosemite's Dawn Wall and Freaks of the Industry (V13) in Rocky Mountain National Park.