Ouray Ice Comp Results


Continuing women climbers’ strong tradition at Ouray, Canadian Audrey Gariepy placed second overall in the competition. (Papert had finished second, first, and fourth overall in the comp’s previous three years.) Coloardan Josh Wharton was the top U.S. finisher, in fourth place.

Ouray Ice Festival Open Competition - January 10-13, 2007

Combined Men’s and Women’s Finals

1. Evgeny Kryvosheytsev (UKR) 2. Audrey Gariepy (F-CAN) 3. Rich Marshall (CAN) 4. Josh Wharton (USA) 5. Manuel Córdova (SPA) 5. Paul Stein (USA) 5. Maxime Turgeon (CAN) 8. Marc Beverly (USA) 9. Mathieu Audibert (CAN) 9. Jason Nelson (USA) 11. Will Mayo (USA) 12. Dawn Glanc (F-USA) 13. Caroline Ware (F-USA/SWI) 14. Vince Anderson (USA) 15. Kristie Arend (F-USA) 16. Tracy Lockard (F-USA)

Source:www.ourayicefestival.com, www.barrabes.com, www.telluridewatch.com

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