Out of Africa

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Many climbing flicks focus solely on the epics — huge dynos,50-foot whippers, clutch sends — while the ineffable, inbetweenmoments are excised. Happily, Chris Alstrin’s filmWaypoint Namibia ($14.99, waypointnamibia.com), ongranite-dome hunting, avoids this pitfall. As Majka Burhardtsays early on, “No one went on the trip to climb. They went . . .to go to Namibia.” With stunning visuals, Waypoint followsBurhardt, Kate Rutherford, and Peter Doucette in the Africanwilds — driving 12-plus hours in 100ºF heat, climbing throughbird crap (literally), and battling hives inflicted by aggressiveflora. The trio manages a masterful FA — Southern Crossing(V 5.11+), on the Brandberg — while exploring the intersectionof culture, climbing, and conservation.