Outdoor Retailer Summer Marker 2013: Climbing Picks Day 1


The Climbing team is once again walking the halls of Outdoor Retailer, a biannual trade show in Salt Lake City that brings together thousands of people from all over the outdoor industry. Brands like La Sportiva, Black Diamond, Adidas, and many, many, many more show off their newest product that will be available next year. We get the first look, and we want to get you excited about it, too.

Here are the products that caught our eye on Day 1.


  • 000 Micro TCU, .26" to .4"

  • New alpine personal anchor system, which is 40 percent lighter than the older model

  • Free Rider pack

  • Stars and bars chalk bag, designed by Jonathan Siegrist

  • Ultralight chalk bag, which weighs only about a half-pound

Wild Country

  • New Pro Guide Lite belay device, which is 7 grams lighter than previous models (because of the cut-outs)


  • A new shoe that transitions from an approach shoe to a crag clog—just flip the bright strap to the back, and there's a back on the shoe


  • A chalkbag that folds up to store chalk so your precious white powder doesn't spill when in use