Paradox Sports Launches New Website

Paradox Sports Launches New Website

Our website is live! I invite you all to visit on one of these cold nights and peruse the offering. We had three goals when we were developing the concept:1. Tell a compelling and relevant story about Paradox Sports. 2. Build a Community around the website. 3. Make the site one of the pillars of our fundraising efforts.

I think we nailed it but I'd love you feedback on any and all sections. You are on this list because you have expressed an interest in helping Paradox Sports as we grow. Many thanks for the offer: there is finally a way you can engage with us easily and effectively. Please go to the website and jump in with both feet.

  • Click on the "Get Involved" tab and sing up for our newsletter and advisories for volunteer activities.

  • Go to the Community tab and sign up and engage with our forums. Community building is one of our prime directives and the online forum has the ability to build a great one if we can get it going. Start a thread about anything that's on your mind. Ask a question, offer to share a ride or post up some pictures. With any luck this will develop into a freewheeling community discussion among our tribe.

  • Read about the "Life Day" and contribute your story and picture. We'd love to build on this concept.

  • If you haven't had a "Life Day" join Team paradox by sending me a brief story or testimonial about your experience with Paradox Sports. Include a picture and I'll post it up.

  • Our donor group is the lifeblood of Paradox Sports and are who make it possible to execute our mission. Click on the "Contribute" tab and make a donation to Paradox and any amount you feel comfortable with. I probably don't need to say this but, since you're all friends, there is no top end to the donation amount. Please be generous.

DJ wants me to give everyone his warmest regards. In many ways, this is his baby and all I'm doing is carrying forward his and Timmy's vision. DJ's responsibilities with the Army have increased dramatically in the last few weeks and, while he wishes he could call each and every one of you, he's pretty much out of touch for a while. Let's all send him our thoughts, energy and prayers. Many thanks in advance for your help.

Malcolm Daly Executive Director 303/ —

Paradox Sports provides opportunities, inspiration and equipment to the disabled community, empowering their pursuit of a life of excellence through human-powered outdoor sports.