Paradox Sports Speaking Series Presents: Three Men, Three Histories, One Goal


Paradox Sports is proud to announce three evenings of unique stories from three physically disabled, but truly inspiring individuals. Chad Butrick, Timmy O’Neill, and Philippe Ribière each share 20-minutes on the adaptive process in life and climbing. Join these three men as they share their extraordinary stories and their one goal: to adapt, thrive and inspire. 

Dates & Locations:

• November 9, Colorado Springs, Colorado College Campus, Packard Hall, 7:00 p.m.

• November 10, Ft Collins, CSU Campus, Clark Building A101, 7:00 p.m.

• November 11, Boulder, CU Campus, Eaton Humanities room 1B50, 7:00 p.m.

Show your support! Suggested donation is $5.00 and all proceeds go toward supporting the mission of Paradox Sports.

Each night will also include a massive raffle! Don’t miss it!

Meet the Speakers:

Chad Butrick served in the US Army from 1996 to 1998, when he was injured in a training accident that lead to his discharge. Then, in September 2005, he was in a car accident and ended up having to amputee his leg below the knee. After attending a Paradox Sports clinic for disabled athletes in Ouray, Colorado in 2009, Chad found a new sport to pursue: ice climbing. “I took away a passion to help others. When I saw the community of people come together to ensure that no person with a disability is ever treated like a second-class citizen, I knew what I had to do with my life. The climbing was, and always is, sweet. Breaking free of the resistance of my disability was more rewarding. Seeing others do the same was even more rewarding,” said Chad.

Timmy O’Neill partners with leading amputee and spinal injury athletes in ascension and technology development, stating, "Seeing my friends overcome their disabilities and achieve the seemingly impossible feeds my soul, forces me to reach even further!" He is a leading speaker on the adaptive process in climbing and travels the world sharing stories and inspiration. Timmy also enjoys playing drums, mountain biking, and white water kayaking.

Philippe Ribière was born in Martinique with the Rubinstein-Taby syndrome and abandoned by his biological parents. A foster family raised him in France. He underwent multiple surgeries as a child performed to ensure mobility and the autonomy to successfully attend regular schools. Yet the access to normality did not quench his thirst for challenge, and in 1994, he discovered that climbing could turn his disability into an asset and could pave the road toward complete social integration and recognition. For the last ten years he has attended the most important climbing contests in the world and also developed lectures and events. More than overcoming physical restrictions, and turning them into assets for success Philippe Ribière‘s true achievements are his ability to communicate and convey his energy, happiness, and positive message.

About Paradox Sports - Paradox Sports was created by an eclectic group of individuals with a common desire to integrate the physically disabled into the outdoor community by providing inspiration, opportunities, and the adaptive equipment needed to participate in human-powered outdoor sports.