Payne, Dory Take Gold in UBC Comp


9/26/11 - Angie Payne and Ian Dory nabbed first place at 2011's final Unified Bouldering Championships competition—The North Face Open in Burlington, Vermont—this weekend.

Payne was the only woman to flash all three finals problems, easily securing the gold. Lizzy Asher and Alex Johnson followed in second and third place.

Ian Dory flashed two of men's finals boulders, the only competitor to finish #2. Rob D'Anastasio and Ty Landman ended up in second and third.

Payne also won the second UBC comp of the year, held at Central Park in New York, with Vasya Vorotnikov in men's first place. Notably absent from this weekend was Alex Puccio, who won the first UBC comp of the year at ABS 12 Nationals in February, along with Canadian Sean McColl.

Women's Final Results:

  1. Angie Payne

  2. Lizzy Asher

  3. Alex Johnson

  4. Isabelle Faus

  5. Kati Peters

  6. Nadya Vorotnikova

Men's Final Results:

  1. Ian Dory

  2. Rob D'Anastasio

  3. Ty Landman

  4. Vasya Vorotnikov

  5. Ethan Pringle

  6. Paul Robinson

Click here for the full results.

The Unified Bouldering Championships - The North Face Open Highlights! from NE2C on Vimeo.