Payne, Vorotnikov Take EMS Pro Comp in NY


6/27/11 - More than 20,000 spectators gathered to watch Angie Payne and Vasya Vorotnikov take top honors at the Eastern Mountain Sports Pro Tour in Central Park, New York City, this past weekend. This was the second event of the 2011 UBC Pro tour—the third and final event will take place at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City in August.

Payne and Sasha DiGiulian (who placed second) flashed all three finals problems, but Payne's performance in semi-finals clinched her win. Lizzy Asher in third flashed two finals problems, with fourth-place finisher Francesca Metcalf flashing one.

Vorotnikov led the field from qualifiers, topping all three finals boulders with one flash. Ty Landman and Mike Feinberg in second and third topped two boulders, with one flash each.

Women's Final Results:

  1. Angie Payne

  2. Sasha DiGiulian

  3. Lizzy Asher

  4. Francesca Metcalf

  5. Dana Riddle

  6. Tiffany Hensley

Men's Final Results:

  1. Vasya Vorotnikov

  2. Ty Landman

  3. Mike Feinberg

  4. Rob D'Anastasio

  5. Mauricio Huerta

  6. Jon Glassberg