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Updated 10/30/09 - is pleased to present the PENMEN Cartoons by Colorado Springs climber Gary Blehm. Visit his website for posters, animations, music videos, games, and more.


PENMEN® was created by 12 year old artist Gary Blehm in 1977 in a one room school house near Aspen, Colorado. The first official poster was published in 1989 entitled, “Find the Two Identical PENMEN®” with 1,039 characters doing everything from floating in a raft, to playing Frisbee, guitar, drums, sports, backpacking, etc.. 100,000 posters were sold, which led to a book published through Harcourt Brace. Then in 1995, the wordless comic strip was syndicated nationally through Creators Syndicate, inc. In 2006, keeping warm by a wood stove in a Lake George, Colorado cabin, Gary animated 6 episodes of a short PENMEN adventure series for European television through JETIX, a Disney owned company.