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Perfect Descent Climbing System Announces Release of New Auto Belay


3/7/11 – Perfect Descent Climbing SystemsTM announces the release of their new Model 220 redundant modular auto belay device. With more than 12 years in the auto belay design business, The Perfect DescentTM 220 was designed by one of the original Auto Belay designers and has undergone over 6 years of R&D. It is equipped with a mechanically activated secondary locking device that is always engaged, giving the unit a fully redundant braking system. Some of its other features include: a lighter weight (32 lbs); durable corrosion resistant stainless steel & aluminum construction; field replaceable yellow safety lanyards with built-in wear indicators, which are available in optional 52 ft, 40 ft, or 28 ft lengths; and a two-year factory re-certification interval requirement. This unit is also Proudly Made in the USA. This unit and replacement lanyards are available for purchase online at their website:

Proprietary About the Perfect DescentTM 220 Auto Belay:

  • Proudly Made in the USA

  • Mechanically activated secondary locking device that is always engaged creating a redundant braking system & ensuring a safe & smooth descent

  • Portable, durable & lightweight modular auto belay solution, only 32 pounds

  • Easy to install & easy to move

  • Accommodates walls up to 55’ tall

  • Field replaceable yellow safety lanyard with built-in wear indicators

  • Optional 52 ft., 40 ft. or 28 ft. replacement lanyard lengths

  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel & aluminum construction

  • Two-year factory re-certification interval reduces costs & keeps unit in use & profitable for longer periods of time

  • Meets ANSI Z359 strength requirements*

  • Increase climbers per wall with reduced staff requirements

  • Lanyard based system reduces damage to walls

  • Backed by product liability insurance coverage through an “A” Rated Insurance Carrier

New Units are available for $1875.00 and can be purchased online at Perfect Descent Climbing SystemsTM is a division of OTE Services, LLC. Perfect Descent Climbing SystemsTM will be exhibiting at the 2011 ACCT Symposium and Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

*When outfitted with optional ANSI-2007 Approved Steel Carabiner. **Florida residents are subject to sales tax.