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Petzl launches online inspection aid for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


New section of site provides video and other tools to aid proper inspection of climbing gear CLEARFIELD, Utah (May 10, 2004) – Petzl, a leading manufacturer of quality climbing and rescue equipment, recently launched a new section of dedicated to providing consumers with quality inspection and recordkeeping tools for PPE. Also available on CD-ROM, the online PPE inspection aid provides explanations of various methods used to check PPE, using video, photos, and explanatory text. Examples are provided, with detailed images and indicators of deterioration to help the inspector evaluate equipment based on a scale of G (Good), TM (To Be Monitored), and TR (To Be Rejected). “Petzl is the first company to make this important information available on the web,” said John Evans, marketing director for Petzl America. “Doing so demonstrates Petzl’s commitment to increasing the safety of climbers. This is a user-friendly interface that takes a lot of the guesswork out of replacing, retiring, or continuing with the use of your gear”, said Evans. Evans also noted that there is definitely a demand for this type of site – “we get a lot of calls from climbers and guides with the types of questions that this site can help answer”. Hank Moon, Petzl America’s technical information manager, added that the online PPE Inspection interface “provides a wealth of visual cues and record-keeping aids for PPE inspection and maintenance. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to fine-tune their program, especially schools and service institutions”. The PPE inspection site also includes a checklist for recording dates of purchase and first use, condition of gear, usage patterns and additional comments. This will be a valuable tool for rescue squads, those who work at height, and guide services as well as for climbers. Petzl America is the U.S. division of Petzl, headquartered in France. For over 50 years, Petzl has been developing innovative tools and techniques used by those entering the vertical world. Today, the Petzl brand is closely associated with adventure, exploration, rescue, and many notable exploits in the worlds of rock climbing and alpinism. Petzl climbing hardware and headlamps can be found in outdoor specialty shops and premium sporting goods retailers around the world. For more information, log on to