Planet Granite Launches Giving Program


Planet GRANTS It! will award three grants totaling up to $15,000 annually 4/4/11 – In 2011, Planet Granite, three of California Bay Area’s largest climbing, fitness, and yoga facilities, launched PG Gives Back, a program that supports people and organizations who are committed to increasing awareness and sustaining growth in three areas: climbing, community and the environment.

There are two parts to PG Gives Back: Planet GRANTS It! is three grants totaling up to $15,000 awarded annually to give people the opportunity to do things they otherwise would not be able to afford to do. It’s for the person who has a grand vision of a trip that will have a big impact—like an epic journey, but one that also brings awareness to conservation issues. Special attention will be given to projects that benefit the environment and/or community.

$1 per Member per Month ($1/Member/Month) is Planet Granite's pledge to donate $1 on behalf of each member every month to three areas: climbing, community and the environment. Planet Granite members can specify one of the three categories to which Planet Granite will donate their $1 each month. Recipients within these categories will be chosen by Planet Granite. The 2011 commencement of this program stems from previous, significant giving organized by Planet Granite. In 2010, Planet Granite gave to the following organizations:

  • Climbing - $10K as a company match to the Access Fund's "Unlock Jailhouse" campaign (successfully raising $23,316 in just 15 days) and $5K to the ASCA (American Safe Climbing Association)

  • Community - $10K to Environmental Traveling Companions

  • Environment - $1,500 to Carbon