Portable Fun Fitness with a Twist

Portable Fun Fitness with a Twist

5/6/10 - What is a favorite campground activity among climbers? Hula hooping! Pictures of people hula hooping pop up in guidebooks for Indian Creek and various climbing catalogues. These old school, larger adult hoops are missing one thing, though: they don’t fit in your backpack.

Well, now there is an adult hoop that does fit. With the push of an internal button, it not only fits into a yoga mat tote, it glows in the dark, is safely weighted, and has a foam padding that provides a great massage. It also adjusts into two sizes, fitting people from 80 to 240 pounds.

Designed by four-time Guinness Book World Record hooper and hoop coach, Betty Hoops, this is a must-have item. Thousands say this is the best hoop on the market. Betty’s DVD is used by athletes, health clubs, and performers around the world. It is based in exercise physiology, yoga, and dance.

This summer, add one more thing to your gear bag list. Take The Betty Hoop with you on all your adventures and don’t reach a summit without it. Buy today! www.bettyhoops.com