Pringle Flashes Black Shadow (V12/13)


UPDATED: 7/7/11 - Ethan Pringle has flashed Black Shadow (V12/13) in Rocklands, South Africa. "Woo-Hoo! Finally didn't punt off the top of something on the flash go! Incredible line," he said on his scorecard.'s records show only one other flash of the problem, by Keita Mogaki in 2009. (Watch Pringle's flash send below.)

The same day as his Black Shadow ascent, he also climbed Brown Shadow (V12), commenting that it felt harder than Black: "More power than power-endurance," he said. Since arriving in early June, Pringle has climbed 14 V12s and two V13s.

7/5/11 - Colorado and Rocklands, South Africa, have seen some notable ascents recently. On Mt. Evans in Colorado, southeastern climber Nate Draughn made an ascent of Big Worm (V14, likely the sixth ascent), for which he said it "fit me perfect... High heel hooks by my hands out the whole prow. Soo psyched!!" It took him four days to send.

Draughn skipped straight from V12 to V14. Most recently, he's sent Bebe Wolverine (V12), The Kind Traverse (V11), Honey Badger (V11), and Super Gul (V11), all in the area.

Flannery Shay-Nemirow also climbed The Kind Traverse in late June, marking her fifth V11.

In Africa, Phil Schaal has been putting down hard ascents. He repeated Fred Nicole's Amandla (V14) and several other V12s and V13s, including Ray of Light and Black Shadow. He also flashed Green Mamba (V12). Click here for an interview with Schaal.

Ethan Pringle has also been crushing in Rocklands. On Thursday and Friday, he made V13 repeats of Mooiste Maise and The Vice. "Perfect conditions, again," he said about The Vice. "Figured it out one evening then came back... Incredible lip traverse!" He's been climbing there for about a month, and has climbed at least 20 V11s or harder.

Norwegian climber Therese Johansen has done her second V12 at Rocklands, Tea with Elmarie. In early June, she climbed Black Shadow (V12/13), only a month after her first V12 (and first female ascent of), Propaganda, at Vingsand, Norway.

Dates of ascents: June 2011


Ethan Pringle on Black Shadow, Rocklands from Stian Engelsvoll on Vimeo.