Protect Your Assets


Photo shoots and multi-pitch free-climbing projects have one thing in common — too much harness time! Say goodbye to numb legs with METOLIUS CLIMBING’S GIZMO BELAY LEDGE ($390, Though designed for extended belay sessions, this ledge’s easy set-up and ultralight weight are perfect for photographers or rigging work. At about 1.5 by 3 feet, the Gizmo will keep all photography equipment in place, while creating a comfy seat for those extended shooting sessions. Originally used to transport creator Doug Phillips’ dog Gizmo from dinghy to sailboat, the five-pound mini-ledge is modeled after Metolius’ big ledges, so you know it’s super durable. For long hours of catching the action — or the whippers — the Gizmo is the ticket. And when your five-year-old is ready for her first trip up El Cap, you’ll be set! — Amanda Fox