Psicobloc 2014 Photo Gallery


In early August, pro climbers from across the globe made their way to Utah Olympic Park in Park City to face off in the second annual Psicobloc Master's Series. Competitors had to race head-to-head up a 50-foot wall above the 13-foot-deep ski jump-training pool. This unique climbing comp provided an exciting night, full of strong moves, big falls, and close finishes. Here are some highlights.

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Claire Buhrfeind quickly shakes out before topping out in the first round against Jacinda Hunter, who fell from the overhang.


13-year-old Ashima Shiraishi cuts her feet for a big move at her first Psicobloc event. She eventually eliminated Alex Johnson in the first round.


Alex Puccio stokes the crowd as she makes her way to finals.


Delaney Miller keeps it tight as she clears the roof and takes down Angie Payne in the first round.


Sasha DiGiulian peels off the roof in the first round, but still managed to beat opponent Andrea Szekely's high point.


Puccio beat out Shiraishi in the semi-finals, even though both topped out. Here, the pair downclimb to a more palatable fall after Shiraishi was reluctant to make the full 50-foot plunge from the top.


Noah Ridge warms up, proving that no edge is safe at a pro climbing competition.


In a near photo finish, Claire Buhrfeind ekes out Alex Puccio to move onto the finals.


Claire Buhrfeind and Delaney Miller race up the wall in the final round.


Claire Buhrfeind and Delaney Miller take the quick way down together after Buhrfeind claimed overall competition victory.


The full scene at the Utah Olympic Park, as viewed from halfway up the ski jumps.


Psicobloc newcomer Kai Lightner makes his way up the wall in the first round. His slow and steady style wasn't enough to take down Jimmy Webb, who beasted his way to the top.


Chris Sharma holds tight as his feet cut loose in typical Sharma fashion. The men's route encouraged a much more dynamic style of climbing.


Splash down.


Spectators packed the Utah Olympic Park to see the best climbers tackle the wall and take big falls.


In an exciting finish for the men's finals, Sean McColl tops out barely ahead of Daniel Woods to claim competition victory.


McColl and Woods take a dual plunge into the pool to end the night.

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