Psicobloc Masters Series Coming to Montreal August 23-25

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From Psicobloc Open Series:

Canadian Free Climbing Championship Inc. announced the first Canadian edition of Psicobloc Open Series in partnership with The North Face, Boréale, and Kingdom Climbing. It is an international deep water solo climbing competition. This outdoor event will take place at the Aquatic Centre of parc Jean Drapeau, Montreal from August 23-25, 2018.

The Open Series is for advanced climbers and professional athletes, the competition is internationally recognized with climbers from North America, South America, and Europe. It is a dual between two climbers trying to race each other to the top of the 55-ft. high overhanging wall. The climbers do not have a harness or a rope, meaning any mistake leads to a spectacular fall into the pool. Extended over three days, Thursday: qualifications, Friday: quarterfinals and Saturday: semifinals and finals. The competition includes four categories: Men, Women, Junior Girls, and Junior Boys who will share a $20,000 cash prize.

The interactive event will bring more than 3,000 spectators and 200 competitors from all ages. In a Californian “beach & surf” atmosphere, Psicobloc Open Series offers a variety of activities, including a second 12 ft. climbing wall above the water, free yoga classes, a slackline above water, a family section, more than 30,000 square feet of aquatic center where spectators can swim, eat on site, have a drink with friends, and more. Thanks to the generosity of our more than 60 partners, there will be more than $40,000 in prizes to giveaway to competitors and spectators alike.

"Psicobloc is an extreme and spectacular form of climbing that will undoubtedly blow everyone’s mind; for years, we’ve talked about how this format will be the way of taking climbing to the mainstream.” —Chris Sharma

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