Psicobloc Comp Photo Gallery


Now that the dust is settling a few weeks after Psicocomp in Park City, Utah, we wanted to do a quick look back at why this comp was so freaking rad.

All photos by Alton Richardson


Sasha DiGiulian asks for cheers from the crowd as she climbs through the crux in the first round. She won the female division and looked like she had an absolute blast pumping up the crowd, jumping off the 55-foot-tall wall with both topouts, and cheering on her competitors. From her blog: "With a sold-out stadium watching and all of my good friends and idols there, I couldn’t help feel incredibly excited."


Look at that hair! Jacinda Hunter, 5.14 climber and mother of four, takes the fall in front of the massive and psyched crowd.


The hundreds (thousands?) of spectators at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Park City, Utah. Despite the possibility for falls from 55 feet, the deepest section of the pool was only 13-feet-deep. Here you can see the ski jumps in the front.

Chris Sharma chalks up from a one-arm hang on the steepest section of the wall. Typical.


Psicocomp champion Jimmy Webb, who took home $5,000 for the win, hangs on as his competitor makes a splash. The huge, ropeless falls were definitely a crowd-pleasing highlight of the event. Plus, watching climbers try to swim is kind of...hilarious.


New dad Tommy Caldwell traverses out onto the wall in the first round. Despite being a 5.14 big wall climber, Caldwell seemed to approach the wall with a "What is this plastic business...?" look on his face. This type of comp also had extra cruxes that most comps don't: keeping shoes dry, climbing on wet holds, and staying warm in the chilly temps!


Caldwell empties out his chalkbag after taking a quick swim. Many climbers brought multiple shoes and chalkbags, but it was noticeable in later rounds that some climbers were still crushing 5.13+ and 5.14- in soaked shoes.


Hey look, hell froze over! Chris Sharma falls on the dyno in the second round after floating the route in the first round and nabbing the only men's topout of the night. Afterward he could be heard cheering his competitor Matty Hong on telling him, "It's all yours, go get it!" He probably took a dive (literally and figuratively) since it was his comp, and we salute him for doing it. Why do strong climbers have to be so NICE, too?!


"Uh....what?" Matty Hong echoes the crowd's reaction to Sharma's fall in the second round. What do you do when one of the world's best climbers falls in a direct climbing duel with you? Keep climbing!