Puccio Wins Tierra Boulder Battle in Stockholm


4/17/13 - Alex Puccio dominated last weekend's Tierra Boulder Battle competition in Stockholm, Sweden, topping out every problem.

The invitational comp showcased six of the best female climbers from around the world. These women—Anja Hodann, Therese Johansen, Mélissa Le Nevé, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, Alex Puccio, and Matilda Söderlund—vied with one another in a unique format where each athlete designs a problem, which they all work prior to competition. Alex Puccio was the clear victor, flashing every problem.

Puccio wanted her problem to require power on a "not-so-steep wall." A dyno to a flat hold for the right hand proved difficult for the other competitors, with Leslie-Wujastyk and Hodann failing to get past this move. Le Nevé and Johansen managed to latch the hold just once, but didn't top out. Söderlund, helped by her height, delighted her fellow Swedes in the crowd by finishing the problem on the last possible attempt. Puccio thought the problem set by Johansen would give her the most trouble, with powerful smearing moves and a traverse. However, she completed it on her first attempt, with all other competitors but Hodann also topping out.

In second place, Söderlund set a crimpy route that she completed on her first attempt, as did Puccio and Le Nevé. Leslie-Wujastyk, who crafted a problem marked by a hard dyno and two unevenly placed slopers, barely nudged out Le Nevé for third place, with each topping out four problems..


  1. Alex Puccio, 6 tops

  2. Matilda Söderlund (Sweden), 5 tops

  3. Mina Leslie-Wujastyk (Great Britain), 4 tops

  4. Mélissa Le Nevé (France), 4 tops

  5. Therese Johansen (Norway), 3 tops

  6. Anja Hodann (Sweden), 1 top

This is the second time Puccio has won this event; the first time was in 2011.

Date of competition: April 13 2013

Sources: planetmountain.com; Tierra Boulder Battle 2013 Facebook, 8a.nu

Tierra Boulder Battle 2013 - BACKSTAGE PASS from Sandstones Media on Vimeo.