Puccio, Woods Storm Battle in the Bubble

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Daniel Woods holds his ground as comp king at Battle in the Bubble. Photo by Spencer Pitman

Daniel Woods holds his ground as comp king at Battle in the Bubble. Photo by Spencer Pitman

5/17/10 - In a repeat of their respective performances at ABS Nationals a few months ago, Daniel Woods and Alex Puccio each took first place in the finals at The Spot's Battle in the Bubble pro invitational on Saturday.

The event represents an evolution in bouldering competitions, both in format and style. A fiberglass-and-steel wall system was built by the Walltopia company in Bulgaria and shipped in a container to Colorado, where it was assembled on-site at the Boulder Reservoir.

The competition format was elimination-style, with only the top competitors from each round advancing until the final, heads-up, one-on-one round. Men and women competed separately, with Woods fighting off a strong performance by Julian Batista and Puccio neck-and-neck with Angie Payne. Payne flashed the first several problems and almost sent the finals problem in two consecutive attempts while Puccio struggled initially. However, Puccio squared up and crushed the finals problem, securing her win.

The final round format was slightly different from the rest of the competition, and rewarded climbers for first ascent, shoot-out style. Neither the men's nor women's finals problems were flashed, and took several attempts for the winners to complete. Woods and Puccio each finished in style, with big moves and fist-pumping while hanging from the final holds.



  1. Daniel Woods (4595 points)

  2. Julian Bautista (4351)

  3. Carlo Traversi (2752)


  1. Alex Puccio (5295)

  2. Angie Payne (5282)

  3. Lizzy Asher (3272)

Click here for a full list of results.

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