Rally for Railey


At 8 a.m. on December 26, a tidal wave hit the Thailand coast, destroying homes, businesses and families. Ko Phi Phi was hit very hard sustaining huge losses of property and lives. Also on Railey Beach and Ao Nang several bars were washed away, people injured and 10 boatmen died. Sam Lightner, a Canadian resident and prolific climber who has had a home in Railey for 13 years, is currently in Thailand helping Thai residents of Railey Beach, Ao Nang and Ko Phi Phi clean up their beaches and gain their homes, boats, livelihoods and spirits back. The Rally for Railey fund has been established to help collect money for rebuilding the lives of affected Thai citizens, who have gained huge medical bills and who are now out of work. Money is being collected for helping to pay off medical bills, provide advanced care such as prosthetic limbs, help care for orphaned children, and help rebuild businesses and homes. Because tourism dropped as a result of the tidal wave and with the beginning of the rainy season, when there are fewer tourists, these Thai residents will need our support to help rebuild their lives and sustain their families through this first year. Donations can be made by check payable to: Rally for RaileyMail checks to:Rally for Railey PO Box 987Banff, ABT1L 1A9Canada(Canadian and US funds accepted. This is a 501-c registered charity, so US donations are tax exempt)