Re-Gram: Show Us Your #CragCat

Re-Gram: Show Us Your #CragCat

Crag dogs get all the love, but what about all the climber cats out there? We know there are a small handful of you that bring your cat to the crag. And it makes perfect sense. Cats are natural climbers. Left to their own devices, they will always end up at the highest point in any room. Bookshelves, TVs, cabinets. These are prime sleeping locations for a cat. So it's only natural that they'd feel home at the crag, among their own kind: climbers.

Do you have a photo of a cool cat at the crag? We want to see! Email with a high-res photo and a sentence describing it, or post it to Instagram, tag it #cragcat, and we'll get in touch if it's one of our favorites. The nine raddest feline climbers will be featured in an upcoming issue of our print edition.