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Check it out hombre, what you see is what you get. The all new Matador is uncompromising, red, angry and perfect. This is the shoe for action climbers, for boulderers or sports masters, the shoe for the best.

Designed and revised by Stefan Glowacz and Daniel Hrozek along with Red Chili’s latest signing the awesome and exacting Andi Bindhammer, the Matador has been tested, fine tuned and proven by the rest of the core Red Chili team and has met all their most demanding expectations.

Design-wise the super-tensioned, toe down last combines with a lo-stretch synthetic upper forcing the foot forward into the toe of the Matador and making for peerless purchase even at extreme angles. At the same time externally the triple Velcro straps keep the rest of the foot perfectly anchored yet allow quick and easy adjustment – while underfoot the sensitive midsole provides amazing feedback from the rock without sacrificing power or torsional stability. The Matador also comes with extended, profiled arch rubber for awesome scummin’, an almost perfect heel cup and over the toe bonus rubber gives as much hookin’ power as you will ever need. Caramba! A design masterpiece, the Matador is Red Chili’s most advanced shoe ever and the most precise and powerful shoe around.

FEATURESToe down design for precise power

New Synthetic upper for lower stretch

Extended toe rubber for super grip

Triple VCR straps for control

Red Chili 4.2 RX1 rubber

Twin pull on tabs

Super sharp toe profile

UK Sizes 3-12 inc halves

IN STORES MAY 2009 – US RRP $125



PROFILE Andreas Bindhammer is one of Europes most well known and highly respected sports climbers with a pedigree in both international competition as well as new routing and repeats at the highest level. Originally in partnership with his brother they made one of the strongest partnerships in Europe.

ROUTES & REPEATS La Rambla Extension 9a+; Siurana, Spain PuntX 9a/9a+; Gorges d´Loup, France; first repeat Abyssee 9a/a+; Gorges d´Loup, France; first repeat Hades 9a; Tirol, Austria; first ascent St. Anger 9a; Arco, Italy; first ascent KinematiX 9a; Gorges d´Loup, France ;first ascent Big Hammer 9a; Reutte, Austria; first repeat Ground Zero 9a; Tetto Sarre, Italy Broadway 8c+/9a; Siurana, Spain L’ Avaro 8c+/9a; Tetto Sarre, Italy Bronx 8c+; Orgon, France La Connexion 8c+; Orgon, France; first repeat Ultimate Power Sacrifice 8c+ Gorges d’ Loup, France La Cote d’ Obscure 8c+; Gorges d’ Loup, France Reini´s Vibes 8c+; Massone, Italy Noia 8c+; Andonno, Italy Alien Carnage 8c+; Castillon, France; first repeat TripTikTonik 8c+; Gorges d´Loup, France; second repeat Andiamo 8c+; Rottachberg, Germany; first ascent Shangri-la 8c+; Frankenjura, Germany; first repeat Asai 8c+; Gorges d´Loup, France Zauberfee 8c+; Arco, Italy; first repeat Vitamania 8c+; Annot, France; first ascent Sakrileg 8c+; Rottachberg, Germany, first repeat Illuminati 8c+; Rottachberg, Germany; first repeat L´Ideal Chimerique 8c/c+; St. Leger, France Honky Mix 8c+; Onati, Spain En Depit du Bon Sens 8c/c+; St. Leger, France

“Super sharp, with our hottest level of performance and a wicked new style the Matador is the new weapon on the frontline in this unstoppable grade war we’re all committed to!” —Andreas Bindhammer