Redpoint Nutrition adds Timy Fairfield to its team of professional athletes


Salt Lake City, Utah (April 13, 2009) - Redpoint Nutrition, the world’s first performance nutritional supplement company that addresses the unique needs of rock climbers, announces the addition of Timy Fairfield to its team of professional athletes.

CRANK Forearm Fuel, Redpoint Nutrition’s flagship product, delays the onset of muscle fatigue, increases power, improves endurance and speeds recovery. After training with CRANK in multiple formats, Timy said “I was impressed at how far I was able to repeatedly fight further into a deep pump while engaged on a power endurance circuit, how quickly I was able to recover in marginal rest stances and how quickly I recovered between efforts on training circuits of 30-60 moves. My ability to give consistently high quality all-out efforts during every bouldering attempt increased substantially.”

As a Redpoint Nutrition sponsored athlete, Timy has the role of a product evangelist, training with and promoting the Redpoint Nutrition brand and mission. Look for CRANK Forearm Fuel to be promoted through his special events such as climbing demos, multi-media shows, performance training camps and workshops.

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About Redpoint Nutrition: Redpoint Nutrition’s mission is to bring to climbing all the advances in performance nutritional supplements currently appreciated by athletes in other sports. Redpoint Nutrition products consist of the highest quality ingredients, are made in a laboratory that meets the stringent quality and manufacturing guidelines of the FDA, and are free of any substance banned by USA Climbing, IOC, NCAA or World Anti-Doping Agency. All Redpoint Nutrition products are vegan/vegetarian unless otherwise noted.

About Timy Fairfield: As a professional athlete, Timy has been sponsored for 19 of the 27 years that he has been rock climbing. His career has been focused around competition and the development of difficult sport climbing and bouldering. As a veteran of the US National climbing team, he has competed in Regional, National, World Cup, and International Invitational Masters level events. He has climbed, competed and routeset/foreran in North America, Europe and Asia.