Redpoint Nutrition Announces Spring 2009 Initiatives


Salt Lake City, Utah-based sports nutrition company, Redpoint Nutrition, announces several promotional initiatives for Spring 2009.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) May 1, 2009 — Redpoint Nutrition is excited to announce their partnership with rock climbing training company Climb Fit, sponsorship of the 2009 Climbing Wall Summit, and launch of Redpoint Nutrition social media sites. Redpoint Nutrition is a nutritional supplement company devoted to improving the performance of rock climbers. It has developed and is currently marketing CRANK Forearm Fuel, the world's first performance supplement specifically formulated to improve rock climbers' athletic performance.

Climb Fit is a North Carolina-based company that offers rock climbing training clinics and private rock climbing lessons. "Redpoint Nutrition and Climb Fit have the same goal - we help climbers get the most out the time and energy they put into this sport," says Redpoint Nutrition VP Marketing, Cindy Purvance. Climb Fit owner and instructor, Jessa Goebel, is SPI certified by the American Mountain Guide Association and has developed training programs for climbers of all skill levels such as "Training for Climbing" and "Onsighting 101". "Redpoint Nutrition's CRANK Forearm Fuel is the ultimate compliment to my Climb Fit training program," Goebel says.

Redpoint Nutrition is also a proud sponsor of the Climbing Wall Association's annual professional development conference, the 2009 Climbing Wall Summit. This marks Redpoint Nutrition's first effort to support the goals and needs of the climbing wall industry. The 2009 Climbing Wall Summit brings attendees together to network, collaborate, learn, and more effectively tap into the immense potential of manufactured rock wall climbing. "The CWA would like to thank the sponsors, exhibitors, and donors that support the Climbing Wall Summit. Companies like Redpoint Nutrition generously support our association, sustain the conference, and help us promote the sport of climbing. We encourage you to support forward looking companies like Redpoint Nutrition," says CWA Executive Director Bill Zimmerman.

In addition, Redpoint Nutrition has launched the Redpoint Nutrition blog and Facebook fan page. The Redpoint Nutrition blog announces news, events, special promotions and guest training posts from our sponsored athletes. Facebook fans are entered into a monthly drawing for free CRANK Forearm Fuel and have special access to promotions and discounts. The Redpoint Nutrition blog can be found at A link to the Redpoint Nutrition Facebook fan page can be found on the Redpoint Nutrition blog.

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About Redpoint Nutrition:Redpoint Nutrition's takes the most compelling nutritional supplement science, backs it with real-world testing by elite athletes, and puts it all together in a formula that targets the specific and unique performance demands of rock climbing. Redpoint Nutrition products consist of the highest quality ingredients, are made in a laboratory that meets the stringent quality and manufacturing guidelines of the FDA, and are free of any substance banned by USA Climbing, IOC, NCAA or World Anti-Doping Agency. Redpoint Nutrition products are vegan/vegetarian unless otherwise noted. The Redpoint Nutrition website at

About Climb Fit: Climb Fit is dedicated to helping climbers of all ages and skill levels reach their goals by staying motivated through training, fitness, and nutrition. As leaders in the industry, Climb Fit offers a variety of clinics and training sessions for many types of climbers that may be at any skill level. The Climb Fit website can be found at

About the Climbing Wall Association, Inc. (CWA): The CWA is a 501(c)(06), non-profit, industry trade association incorporated in May of 2003 for manufacturers of climbing wall equipment, builders of climbing walls, operators of climbing walls, and others involved in the climbing industry. The CWA is the only trade association addressing the needs and interests of the climbing wall industry and climbing wall operators. The mission of the Climbing Wall Association is to support the development of the climbing wall industry, to promote the sport of climbing, and to advocate for the interests of our members. The CWA website can be found at