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Reel Rock 10 Preview and Photo Gallery


Get Ready for Reel Rock 10!

Reel Rock 10 Preview and Photo Gallery

2015 has been a big year for climbing. There was that little Dawn Wall thing, with Tommy and Kevin's heroics launching them into mainstream consciousness to the delight and bewilderment of newscasters everywhere. There was the loss of Dean Potter, one of the climbing world's biggest and most influential personalities. It was a year that saw our sport get major play across the country, and our pals down the road at Reel Rock were there with front row seats to all the action.

That’s what makes Reel Rock 10 so great. The entire planet knows the headlines; now we get to see the inspiring behind-the-scenes action on the the years most epic stories—along with some good old climber shenanigans. This season's tour kicks off at Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder, Colorado in a couple weeks, and we’ll be there handing out mags and swag and an unlimited supply of high fives.

We're ultra-stoked on the Dean Potter Tribute and the Dawn Wall First Look (there will be a feature length release in 2017), and who wouldn't be? But the three other films are highlights of RR10.

In A Line Across the Sky, Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell make the Fitz Roy traverse look like a fun, jokey jaunt. Meanwhile it's one of the world's most prized unclaimed lines in the world, winning them the Piolet d'Or, the highest prize in alpinism.

High and Mighty brings us into the world of highball bouldering, documenting Daniel Woods' battle with The Process, which is speculated to go at V16. Pucker factor is high.

And if we had to name a favorite, we’d likely lean toward Showdown at Horseshoe Hell. This rollicking film details “the wildest even in the climbing world; a mash-up of ultra marathon and Burning Man where elite climbers and gumbos alike go for broke in a sun-up to sun-down orgy of lactic acid and beer.”

It’s Reel Rock’s 10 year and one of their finest. Find a show near you.

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Fitz Traverse Skyline ph Austin Siadak-L
Fitz Traverse Alex Honnold Tommy Caldwe
Fitz Traverse Alex Honnold ph Austin Si
Dean Potter Lost Arrow Highline ph Jim
Dawn Wall Tommy Caldwell ph Corey Rich-L
Dawn Wall Kevin Jorgeson Pitch 15 ph Br
24HHH All Hands In Group ph Lucas Marsh
24HHH Muscle Climber Guy ph Josh Beeche
24HHH Stacey Pearson Alex Honnold Andy
Highball Matt Gentile ph Nick Rosen-L