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Rifle Cleanup Continues


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It is a long-standing tradition here at Climbing Magazine to help keep Rifle Mountain Park pristine, in order to improve public perception of climbers. Every year, at the end of September, we host the annual Rifle Cleanup, during which climbers are invited to help tidy up the park and later enjoy a BBQ and party, courtesy of Climbing.

As of 2004, the Rifle bolting ban, established in the mid-1990s, was lifted with the gracious cooperation of the city of Rifle and local route developers. This has allowed for a permit system facilitating the equipping of moderate routes, to increase the locals’ participation in the sport.

Climbing spearheaded this effort by bolting a beginner zone across from Feline, in mid-canyon. The new area includes eight bolted 5.10s, and is close to the new walls developed by Mike McGee.

On the weekend of May 20, 2006, 10 people (counting volunteers and Climbing Magazine employees) came to Rifle with railroad ties, a chainsaw, and shovels to complete the newly developed wall by building steps to access the routes. Now the Canine Wall is easily accessible and should decrease crowding at other moderate zones, such as the Spuds routes.

Climbing plans to continue its dedication to Rifle through further improvements to the canyon. The 2006 Rifle Cleanup, to be held on September 30, will include the construction of new bridges, further trail maintenance around the canyon, and the usual BBQ and party afterwards, of course. If you share our appreciation for Rifle, consider dedicating a half-day to help improving the canyon and climber relations with the city of Rifle.

For more information please contact Greg Loomis at: gregloomis@climbing.com

Rifle Cleanup Continues