Roaring Fork Climbers' Coalition Seeks to Promote and Preserve Climbing in Western Colorado

Michael Schneiter climbing at Thompson Creek

Michael Schneiter climbing at Thompson Creek

In the last couple of years, climbers in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado have taken to developing the various crags that surround the area, though the history of rock climbing here goes back at least 40 years, and longer on the high peaks. With its myriad crags, variety of rock, and ease of access, the Roaring Fork Valley has quietly become one of western Colorado’s great climbing resources.

In many places across the United States, an increase in usage has led to access issues and in some cases closures of climbing resources. Our backyard is no exception. The Roaring Fork Climbers’ Coalition (RFCC) seeks to promote climbing and preserve access to cliffs in the Roaring Fork Valley and surrounding area.

The RFCC seeks to give climbers a voice with land managers and policy makers in order that our interests be represented in the creation or revision of land-use plans. We believe that climbing is a viable, historically proven usage of our local cliffs, especially in this area, with its thriving outdoor-athlete culture.

The RFCC will also strive to promote unity and cooperation within the local climbing community, as well as build ties with local land managers and organizations. The Roaring Fork Valley is a great place to be a climber, and we look forward to working with all parties involved to keep it that way.

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