Robinson Kicks Off 2011 in Font

Robinson on Satan I Helvete Bas (V14). Photo courtesy of

Robinson on Satan I Helvete Bas (V14). Photo courtesy of

1/3/11 - After an impressive run of hard ascents in Switzerland, Paul Robinson spent his holiday taking down more boulders in Fontainebleau, France. On Christmas, the 23-year-old climbed Satan I Helvete and Satan I Helvete Bas (bas means "low"), V13 and V14, and Fata Morgana and Fata Morgana Bas, V11 and V12/13. "One of the better climbs I have ever done," Robinson said on his scorecard. "A true gem!"

Finishing strong in 2010, Robinson fired Kheops Assis (assis means "sit start"), what he calls a soft V14, in only two and a half hours. "One of the coolest technical, balancey blocs out there," he says. "Amazing!"

Despite the inclement weather he's faced so far in Font, he managed to climb several other hard boulders, including Ubik Assis (V13) and Elephunk (V13).

Robinson is coming off his Swizzy streak, where he climbed one V15, seven V14s, and 16 V12s and V13s.

UPDATED 1/4/10: Robinson keeps powering through the problems at Font—it'll be hard to keep up with how fast he's dispatching the boulders. Yesterday, he climbed Gecko assis (V14), which took two days of attempts. "Climbs so well," he says on 8a. "Amazing sloper and fast heel hook move."

Look for an extensive interview with Robinson in Climbing no. 293, out in March 2011.

Dates of ascents: December 2010/January 2011