RocTrip 2005 Update 1


First Bishop, then the Gunks, and now the mighty Chief. Roc Trip goes to Squamish!

Petzl, along with Arc'Teryx, is getting ready to host 2005's biggest climbing event.....and they couldn't have selected a better place. We arrived in Squamish, BC for the Petzl/Arc'Teryx RocTrip Saturday evening on the tail end of a weather front which kept everyone bouldering in the Gibbs Cave despite the forecast for blue skies on Sunday. Let's keep our fingers crossed, as we all know June in BC can produce weather that can make climbing pretty near impossible. You wouldn't know it though, with the energy abound from such climbers as Jason Kehl and Chris Sharma.

The anticipation is high for Saturday's ultimate route contest, followed by a one-of-a kind, "power to the people" bouldering competition set for this Sunday, June 26. With both Petzl and Arc'Teryx's international field of climbing superstars expected to converge on this tiny town nestled in the Canadian Rockies, big climbing news is all but guaranteed. Such notables will include Lynn Hill, Steve McClure, Jerome Meyer, Harry Berger, Liv Sansov, Sonny Trotter, Jason Kehl, Lisa Rands, Chris Sharma, Daniel Woods and more.

Perhaps the best thing about this event, is that we, every day climbers, get to participate with those that we only get to see on the glossy pages of Climbing Magazine. The excitement is now, the weather forecast is good and the stone is perfect!

Roc Trip is ON. It's time to climb!

There's still time to get here, we'll see you in Squamish!