Send Us Your Best Climbing Hack, Win Edelrid Bulletproof Quickdraws

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Climbing Magazine is looking for reader-submitted mini-tips and “climber hacks” for our Quick Clips department: the best how-to, DIY tips for the gym, crags, mountains, and beyond. If you have an idea that you think fits and is 50-200 words long, send it along with any photos to and we’ll give it a look.

The winning tip, as chosen by our editors, will win two 18cm Bulletproof Quickdraws and one 12cm Bulletproof Quickdraw from Edelrid. The Bulletproof draws feature a steel insert on the rope-side carabiner, which prevents premature wear from robe abrasion. (Only available within the US.)

Here is an example of the sort of thing we’re looking for:


When knotting Dyneema slings (i.e., for an anchor), clip a carabiner through the knot to make it easy to untie after it's been loaded. —Tyler Hagen