September 2007 - 260

September 2007 - 260

Cover: Michael Reardon and an untouched sea cliff,Inis Mór, Ireland.Photo: Damon Corso

GALLERY All things icy and steep, as picked by guest editor Mark Synnott.

“WE ONLY GET ONE SHOT ON THIS DUSTBALL . . . ”The life and climbs of Michael Reardon, free soloist; 1965-2007. By Matt Samet

SUPERCHOSS What happens when good rock goes bad, becoming Superchoss? And more importantly, what goes through the minds of the crazies who climb it? From western Colorado to Wales, from Canada to the South Pacific, Senior Contributing Editor Mark Synnott takes us on the tour de loose.By Mark Synnott

MASTERS OF DISASTERParty like it’s 1983 on a water-blasted trip up the El Capitan horrorshow Pacemaker — a 13-day saga that left a team of two climbers so malnourished their teeth loosened in the sockets.By Chuck Clance • Illustration by Keith Svihovec

NO WAY DOWNCharlie Townsend and Dave Auble, even though they paraglide and climb, are not your typical “extreme dudes.” In fact, these unassuming New Englanders only jumped off Alaska’s remote Mount Russell because they had to.By Freddie Wilkinson

THE SPIRIT OF MOKWAIClimbing under jungle skies in Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge killing fields.By Keith I. Cozzens • Photos by Josh Morris

IN THE BLINK OF AN EYEA rap anchor tears on Cholatse — now what?By Freddie Wilkinson

ROAD THROUGH HELLSurviving a midnight ride through war-torn Afghanistan.By Ed Darack