Sharma Climbs Two 5.15s in a Day

Photo by Keith Ladzinski

Photo by Keith Ladzinski

5/6/11 - Just two weeks after Chris Sharma finished his infamous First Round First Minute project in Margalef, Spain, he came back to climb a 5.15b and 5.15a at Oliana in the same day.

Girlfriend Daila Ojeda reports that Sharma "warmed up" on one of his recently bolted projects ("nice combination between Papichulo and Pachamama [both 5.15a]," she says). He then hopped on Fight or Flight (5.15b) to make its first ascent after falling on the last move of the boulder problem on Chaxiraxi (whose first ascent was nabbed by Adam Ondra back in March).

To end his already successful day, Sharma climbed the second section of Chaxi (5.15a), "just to remember this part of the route," Ojeda says. (Chaxi skips that bouldery section of Chaxiraxi where he fell.)

Date of ascent: May 5, 2011