Sharma, Rands Upset in Salt Lake


Canadian Nels Rosaasen dominated the PCA Summer Showdown bouldering comp, August 16, at The Front gym in Salt Lake City. Rosaasen, who hails from the climbing mecca of Saskatchewan, flashed all four of the qualifying-round problems and then outclimbed Chris Sharma in the final round. Rob D’Anastasio was third. In the women’s competition, 14-year-old Alex Johnson rallied from seventh place in the qualifying round to beat World Cup winner Lisa Rands in the final. Another 14-year-old, Megan Martin, finished third.

Top 10 Men: 1. Nels Rosaasen 2. Chris Sharma 3. Rob D’Anastasio 4. Matt Bosley 5. Ethan Pringle 6. Timmy Fairfield 7. John Stack 8. Jason Kehl 9. Luke Parady 10. Lil Jay Top 10 Women: 1. Alex Johnson 2. Lisa Rands 3. Megan Martin 4. Lauren Lee 5. Lizzy Asher 6. Claire Murphy 7. Angela Payne 8. Emily Harrington 9. Natasha Barnes 10. Portia Menlove