Sharma Repeats La Rambla


One day after the original La Rambla (5.15a) saw its second ascent, Chris Sharma redpointed the endurance-fest in Siurana, Spain, for its third ascent. Sharma had been working on the route along with Dani Andrada, Dave Graham, and Yuji Hirayama, but it was Edu Marin who grabbed the second ascent last week. Sharma repeated the climb after fewer than 20 tries, according to The full-length version of La Rambla was established in 2003 by Spain’s Ramón Julián.

Sharma is the only climber in the world to have climbed multiple routes confirmed at 5.15a, beginning with his landmark send of Realization (5.15a) at Ceüse, France, in 2001. In late September, he established a new deep-water solo route in Mallorca, Es Pontas, that also may be 5.15. The only other climbers with multiple 5.15’s to their name are Spain’s Dani Andrada and Bernabe Fernandez, but their routes were first ascents and only one has been repeated.

Date of Ascent: December 1, 2006

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