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Sharma Sends Solid 5.15 Project


3/8/15 - Chris Sharma has completed El Bon Combat and proposed 9b/+ (5.15b/c) for the Spanish climb. Sharma worked on the route, off and on, for eight months before sending on March 7.

The climb is located at Cova de Ocell, 40 minutes outside Barcelona, and was bolted by Martí Iglesias Galobart. At his Instagram account, Sharma said, "Since June I've tried this line and it's reawakened my passion for straight-up, at-your-limit hard climbing. After many close calls and a ton of effort it finally came together today.

"With so many low-percentage moves, everything has to be just right, you have to be amped but let it flow effortlessly," he said in another post.

As Björn Pohl said at UK Climbing, "If confirmed at 9b/+, [El Bon Combat] is Sharma's hardest ever first ascent and among the five most difficult routes in the world."

On Instagram, Sharma wrote, "Two years ago, after climbing La Dura Dura [5.15c], it was time to mix it up. Years of single-pointed focus on pushing the limits of sport climbing had taken a bit of a toll. It was time to get back to the roots of climbing, traveling, having fun, being spontaneous and opening up to new inspiration. It's interesting though, we always gravitate back to who we are. What's the next step, where do we go from here? Well if we are open to it, life has a way of guiding us along. [I've been] reminded of what my life has been about for so long: the lines that grab our imagination and inspire us to take our game up a notch, the King Lines."

And the 33-year-old climber hinted at more to come: "Also, I am very eager to soon share a new project that I have here in Barcelona. It's going to be at another level!"