Sharma Takes DWS Comp in Bilbao, Spain

Sharma Takes DWS Comp in Bilbao, Spain

10/27/10 - News link: Last weekend, a unique climbing competition took place in Bilbao, Spain: a deep water soloing comp on the Bilbao Estuary. Top30 built the 50-foot-high wall for this Master Series Psicobloc event, and almost 5,000 people watched as climbers such as climbers such as Chris Sharma threw for huge dynos over the water.

"It was such an awesome event," Sharma says on Prana's blog. "The high adrenaline and big falls make it a super spectacular sport. It was just a matter of time for all the stars to align and make an event like this happen."

Sharma, known for such DWS climbs as Es Pontas in Mallorca, Spain, was the only competitor to stick the double dyno and top out (watch Sharma climb below—only three of the 15 climbers completed the dyno). He won the comp, followed by Bruno Macias and Ignasi Tarrazona.

This isn't the first major DWS comp; for the past several years, there has been a running DWS event in Luleå, Sweden, with a smaller wall.

Below is a great video from Desnivel.

Date of event: October 23, 2010