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Shiraishi: V13 Redpoint, V11 Flash in Rocklands


8/17/12 - Ashima Shiraishi made her way to Cape Town, South Africa, at the beginning of August and has climbed several of her hardest problems, including a potential V13 second ascent. (Paul Robinson established Steady Plums Direct in July 2011 and suggested V13.)

Shiraishi, only 11 years old, also flashed Black Demon (V11). This is likely the hardest flash by a female to date, and while Shiraishi is not the first female to climb V13, she's the first to have two of the grade under her belt, if Steady Plums Direct is confirmed.

Other recent Rocklands ascents include Cheek Bone (V10) and In Search of the New Sound (V11), which took only a few tries.

On March 20, 2012, Shiraishi climbed a Hueco classic, Crown of Aragorn (V13), making her the youngest person to ever climb the grade.

Date of ascent: August 2012