Siegrist Onsights 5.14 in Ten Sleep


7/8/11 - Less than three weeks after putting up Washington State's hardest sport route, Jonathan Siegrist onsighted Doomsday (5.14a) Tuesday in Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

The route sits at the blue-and-orange-streaked Sector D'or et Bleu wall. "Not totally sure if I did it the 'right' way," Siegrist said in an email, "but it begins with a hard backwards undercling cross to a poor crimp, and fires into a strenuous, over-your-head double gaston. Felt super shouldery." Siegrist commented that the route suited him well, and he felt it to be a little soft. Regardless, "I'm psyched for sure," he said.

The next day, Siegrist flashed F'd in the A (5.14a) at the Superratic Pillar. "It felt awesome because F'd is a brilliant route," he said. "I think I'm actually more excited about that send just because I loved the route so much."

The hardest Siegrist had onsighted previously was 5.13d, but "none felt solid for the grade," he said. He had flashed up to 5.14a.

Dates of ascents: July 5-6, 2011

Source: Jonathan Siegrist