Six Teams Win Shipton-Tilman Grants


5/7/15 - Gore-Tex has announced the winners of its 25th annual Shipton-Tilman Grants, given to small teams pursuing big objectives with minimal impact, in the spirit of the great British mountaineers Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman. Six expeditions, with members mostly from the U.S. and Great Britain, will split $20,000 in grant money:

• Not Ready to be HousewivesAlpinists Quinn Brett, Crystal Davis-Robbins, and Whitney Clark will explore the Garhwal Himal of northern India, an area where Shipton and Tilman pioneered routes in 1934. They plan to explore the Obra Valley, which is home to Ranglana peak (5,554m) and the Jairai rocks, and the Bhilangna Valley’s Satling Peaks, an impressive set of seven granite pillars that lie just south of Thalay Sagar.

2015 Blank-on-the-Map China Expedition  Pat Goodman, Marcos Costa, and Matt McCormick will explore the Nyainbo Yuze (a.k.a. Golog Shan), located in the Golok Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai, China, an extensive collection of unclimbed granite peaks. The main objective will be the first ascent of unnamed Peak 5,250m via its steep, 950-meter south face.

• Year of the Ram Expeditions, East GreenlandA climber at the forefront of the exploration of Greenland, Mike Libecki, along with teammate Ethan Pringle, will attempt as many as four first ascents of big walls and towers in East Greenland. Located in almost inaccessible, ice-choked fjords, the towers will be attempted by their steepest, longest, most inspiring, and natural lines.

• Tangra Tower Expedition (Cory Hall Memorial)The Tangra team has planned its expedition in memory of their friend Cory Hall, and as an effort to promote tourism to a remote area of Pakistan. Team leader James Monypenny and experienced climber Max Fisher will attempt Tangra Tower (5,620m) on the northern edge of Khane Valley in the Karakoram.

• Virjerab ExpeditionTeam members Peter Thompson, Phil De-Beger, and Aiden Laffey have several goals during their expedition in Pakistan, including first ascents of seven rarely explored, unnamed peaks (all sub-6,500m) in the Shimshal area of the Karakoram. Their main objective is Khurdopin Sar (6,310m) via the north spur and west ridge.

• Kosmos 2015 ExpeditionThe goal of the Kosmos team of Emily Ward, Heather Swift, Emma Crome, and Libby Southgate is to summit Peak Kosmos (5,940m), the second-highest mountain in the Western Kokshaal-too mountain range of Kyrgyzstan. Kosmos boasts a 1,700m north face and two aesthetic ridges to the east and northwest.