Size Matters: Brooks-Range Alpini Sleeping Pad

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When it comes to sleeping outdoors, people gravitate toward several distinct settings, including car camping, backpacking, and places that would make your mother shiver with fright. The BROOKS-RANGE ALPINI SLEEPING PAD ($59.95, is designed for those who frequent the last category. Weighing in at a lean 17.1 ounces, this inflatable pad is designed for the weight-conscious mountaineer. You won’t have trouble fitting the Alpini Pad into your pack before an alpine-style ascent—it packs down to the size of a French press. When inflated, this pad runs from your melon to just below your butt. This shouldn’t present a problem for the minimalist alpine warrior, although your lower half might shiver. A simple remedy involves placing your climbing pack between your hamstrings and your feet when it’s time for a solid night’s sleep— or that shivery wait for dawn. Befitting the Alpini pad’s intended use is what’s printed on the pad itself: SOS numbers, helicopter extraction instructions, and a checkerboard. —DM