Sánchez Establishes Another V15 in Spain

4/9/12 – Nacho Sánchez has established his second V15 with Insomnio at Cova de la Gota in Crevillente, Spain.

Sánchez began working on Insomnio a year and a half ago, slowly linking the beta together. The first six moves are the hardest on this congomerate roof problem, with the crux at the fifth, followed by a dynamic move. Watch Sánchez on Insomnio in the video below.

In 2011, Sánchez put up Spain’s first V15 with Entropia in Castilla de Bayuela. That also took a year and a half of effort. In addition to belonging to the elite group of V15 climbers, Sánchez is one of a handful of boulderers who have flashed V13 (I Shot Sarkozy assis, Targassonne, France).

Read Sánchez’s write-up of Insomnio at his blog (in Spanish).

Date of ascent: April 4, 2012


Insomnio 8C (FA) from Nacho Sánchez on Vimeo.