Sol-o cup - Jetboil Sol-Ti


Picture this: It’s dark as you set up camp on about two feet of snowpack. The temps are in the low single digits, and all you want is some hot liquid in your gullet. Now picture the fuel canister on your compressed-gas stove balking after mere minutes, leaving you tea-less and food-less for the remainder of the night. After that experience last winter, I swore off canister stoves, opting for a liquid gas stove that promised to perform better in colder temps and at higher altitudes. Then I got my hands on the new JETBOIL SOL–TI ($149.95, So now it’s November in Colorado at 11,000-plus feet, with temps in the low teens, and I’m giving canister stoves a second chance. Good thing I did, too, because this stove kicks ass. With a base weight of just 9 oz. (minus pot support, fuel tripod, and fuel canister), the Sol–Ti (available mid-February) took about three minutes to boil two cups of water in these harsh conditions. (Jetboil’s specs cite 2.25 minutes for two cups.) Plus, the self-igniter always worked—a trouble spot with other stoves. I found the cooking cup a little hard to detach from the heating unit, especially with fatty gloves, but the stove includes an adapter that lets the user opt for regular pots instead of Jetboil’s cups. —Julie Ellison