Sonnie Trotter Repeats Rhapsody

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Courtesy of Hot Aches Productions/

Courtesy of Hot Aches Productions/

But Trotter was determined to repeat MacLeod’s original line. Writing on his blog on June 6, he said, “Rhapsody may be an eliminate, but…there is a tremendous amount of logic behind what Dave did, and that deserves a pile of respect, I think…. The only rule is don’t bail left to the arete (a cop-out), stay on the face, and the line is very much obvious. And yes, very hard. Dave presented us all with a challenge. A challenge to climb this sequence of holds, and until someone does that challenge will always remain. I could do the ‘direct version’ and the ‘cop-out’ version, but I still didn't climb Rhapsody, and I would not be truly satisfied.”

On June 9, a cold and windy day, after 14 climbing days and two dozen 50-foot falls from the route, Trotter sent Rhapsody.

As MacLeod did during his own efforts on Rhapsody, Trotter maintained an introspective and funny blog detailing the mind games involved in such a route. To see all of Trotter’s posts on his Scottish adventure, scroll back to May 10 at

Date of Ascent: June 9, 2008, Sonnie Trotter, Dave Brown

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