Spring 2010 Brings Big Changes and Huge Momentum for GoLite


Boulder, Colorado July 16, 2009 — GoLite unveils a brand like you have never experienced at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. The new and improved GoLite represents a combination of new product introductions that balance performance and sustainability, a fresh communications campaign, a focused brand platform and cutting edge advancements to its long time dedication to sustainability. The culmination of these significant changes will establish GoLite as the brand for outdoor athletes that demand performance and care about the environment. Therefore I GoLite While others claim the mountain, GoLite owns the trail. Once known more for the lone stinky guy, long trail expeditions and adventure racing, GoLite has focused its efforts on the outdoor athlete who lives for and thrives on the trail. And while the look and feel is significantly different, GoLite remains committed to its founding beliefs: a dedication to high performance products, a less is more philosophy, and corporate social responsibility. GoLite delivers simple, beautiful, high performance gear that’s light on the planet. GoLite is communicating the updated brand experience through a campaign born from the new tagline, “Therefore I GoLite.” Designed to be a grassroots and community based campaign, “Therefore I GoLite” will come to life in a series of portraits of people who embody the GoLite values of Innovate, Sustain and Inspire and will consist of a series of statements defining how they GoLite.

Product HighlightsAdventure Travel LaunchNew for spring 2010, GoLite lends its long-standing lightweight philosophy to travel apparel and gear. Designed for the modern traveler, the new collection allows consumers to travel for 7-10 days without the hassle of checking a bag or sending out laundry. The apparel includes travel-savvy details and technical functionality wrapped up in sophisticated style – making the transition from trail to town seamless. The all new TraveLite™ Series of carry-on travel gear are typically 30% lighter than comparable bags and are sized just right to pack, easy to wheel or carry and a cinch to stash in the overhead bin or underneath the seat.

All packs, sleeping bags and travel gear made with Tier 1 recycled materialsGoLite is replacing virgin, petro-chemical based materials in 100% of its main pack fabrics and in all of its sleeping bag collections with Tier 1 recycled nylons and polyesters. These new materials perform on-par with their conventional alternatives, but garner dramatic savings in energy use and resource consumption.

The Tier 1 recycling process involves taking used materials and breaking them down in a process called depolymerization and then reusing them as the molecular building blocks for new recycled fabrics and insulation. What does this mean for the environment? After factoring in reprocessing and increased transportation costs, an impressive 70% reduction in energy use and CO2 emissions for GoLite’s recycled nylons (50% post consumer content), and an even higher 80% reduction for the recycled polyesters (25% post consumer content) that the company specifies.

Over 50% of Line Made from Environmentally Preferred MaterialsMore than 50% of the spring 2010 product line is made from environmentally preferred materials (EPMs). A comprehensive environmental footprint analysis has shown that more than 60% of the company’s environmental impact is in the materials of the products, so the company has committed to using increasingly more EPMs in its product offerings while still maintaining a high performance design philosophy.

Digital Tools Replace Printed Materials GoLite has also replaced its printed dealer workbook this season with revolutionary new digital solutions, saving over 1.35 tons of paper. For over a year, GoLite has been working in an exclusive partnership with Brandwise, Inc. to develop an innovative digital sales tool called Visual Merchandiser™. Visual Merchandiser allows dealers to easily view a full integration of product details including product technologies, images and specs as well as plan and view product assortments and automatically place orders online. This tool offers speed, simplicity and sustainability and is changing the way GoLite does business.

About GoLiteFounded in 1998, GoLite is the premier global manufacturer of lightweight, innovative and sustainable apparel and equipment designed specifically for outdoor athletes. GoLite is dedicated to transforming the outdoor athlete’s trail experience by designing and developing simple, beautiful high performance gear that lets people experience nature more with less. Driven by a philosophy of sustainability, GoLite is striving to be a 100% “carbon neutral,” zero waste company that uses a majority of environmentally preferred materials and zero restricted substances in its products by 2010. GoLite operates in 23 countries worldwide. For more information, visit www.golite.com or call 888-5-GOLITE.