Stohr, Ondra Prevail in Moscow Bouldering World Cup

Anna Stohr reached one more bonus hold to squeak by Chloe Graftiaux for the win. Photo courtesy of Anna Piunova /

Anna Stohr reached one more bonus hold to squeak by Chloe Graftiaux for the win. Photo courtesy of Anna Piunova /

6/22/10 - This past weekend, Austrian Anna Stohr pulled off a gold at the Bouldering World Cup in Moscow, with Belgium's Chloe Graftiaux following close behind with the silver. Stohr narrowly beat Graftiaux, reaching one more bonus hold in finals. Kim Jain of Korea grabbed the bronze. Japan's Akiyo Noguchi, who won gold in Vienna and silver in Greifensee, was pushed off the podium in fourth place, but still places second in overall rankings, with Graftiaux first and Stohr third. American Alex Johnson placed thirteenth but still holds fourth in rankings.

Czech climber Adam Ondra finally fought off Kilian Fischhuber, taking gold in the men's division. Japan's Hori Tsukuru (who won second in Vail) was second on the podium, and former winner Fischhuber (first in Greifensee and Vienna) nabbed the bronze. Fischhuber still remains on top in overall rankings, with Ondra second and Hori third.

In the Speed category, Russian climbers deluged the podiums. Yuliya Levochkina placed first, Olga Evstigneeva second, and Maria Krasavina third. Levochkina leads the Speed rankings, with Russia's Ksenia Alexeeva and Evstigneeva following.

On the men's Speed podium, Russia's Stanislav Kokorin and Evgeny Vaytsekhovsky took first and second with Ukraine's Maxim Osipov in third. Kokorin and Vaytsekhovsky are tied for first in rankings with Osipov in second.

Women's Bouldering Results:

  1. Anna Stohr

  2. Chloe Graftiaux

  3. Kim Jain

  4. Akiyo Noguchi

  5. Yulia Abramchuk (Russia)

  6. Yana Chereshneva (Russia)

Men's Bouldering:

  1. Adam Ondra

  2. Hori Tsukuru

  3. Kilian Fischhuber

  4. Dmitry Sharafutdinov (Russia)

  5. Rustam Gelmanov (Russia)

  6. Mykhaylo Shalagin (Ukraine)

Women's Speed:

  1. Yuliya Levochkina

  2. Olga Evstigneeva

  3. Maria Krasavina

  4. Ksenia Alekseeva (Russia)

  5. Lucelia Blanco (Venezuela)

  6. Olena Ryepko (Ukraine)

Men's Speed:

  1. Stanislov Kokorin

  2. Evgeny Vaytsekhovsky

  3. Maksym Osipov

  4. Josmar Nieves (Venezuela)

  5. Sergey Sinitsyn (Russia)

  6. Qixin Zhong (China)

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