Stohr Seals Another Win in Holland


6/28/10 - The fifth round of neck-and-neck Bouldering World Cup action continued last weekend in Eindhoven, Holland. Austria's Anna Stöhr and Russia's Dmitry Sharafutdinov took top honors, marking this event Stohr's second time winning the gold (she won at the fourth event in Moscow) in 2010.

German Juliane Wurm stood second on the podium (she won third in Vail), with Melissa La Neve from France in third. Canada's Sean McColl won silver in men's, with Austrian Kilian Fischhuber following close behind. Czech Adam Ondra, who grabbed his first 2010 gold in Moscow, finished fourth.

Stöhr was the 2008 World Cup champion and now leads the women in 2010 Bouldering WC rankings. Akiyo Noguchi of Japan and Chloé Graftiaux of Belgium follow in second and third, respectively. American Alex Johnson, who placed ninth in Eindhoven (and won gold in Greifensee), still holds strong at fourth overall.

Fischhuber remains at the top of the men's rankings with a narrow lead on Adam Ondra. Japan's Tsukuru Hori closes up the top.

There are two more Bouldering WC events in 2010: On July 3, athletes will show up to battle it out in Sheffield, England, and on July 30, the final showdown will begin in Munich, Germany.

Women's Bouldering Results:

  1. Anna Stöhr

  2. Juliane Wurm

  3. Melissa Le Neve

  4. Akiyo Noguchi

  5. Natalija Gros (Slovenia)

  6. Jenny Lavarda (Italy)

Men's Results:

  1. Dmitry Sharafutdinov

  2. Sean McColl

  3. Kilian Fischhuber

  4. Adam Ondra

  5. David Barrans (Great Britain)

  6. Rustam Gelmanov (Russia)

Find the full results here.

Women's 2010 Boulder Rankings so far:

  1. Anna Stöhr – 356.58

  2. Akiyo Noguchi – 330.33

  3. Chloé Graftiaux – 291.50

  4. Alex Johnson – 248.46

  5. Natalija Gros – 194.65

  6. Yulia Abramchuk (Russia) – 188.73

Men's Rankings:

  1. Kilian Fischhuber – 345.28

  2. Adam Ondra – 241.10

  3. Tsukuru Hori – 219.58

  4. Alexey Rubtsov (Russia) – 206.49

  5. Rustam Gelmanov – 176.62

  6. Dmitry Sharafutdinov – 158.35