Stop and Return Notice for Redpoint Descenders


RedpointTM Descenders Manufactured or Serviced from August 27, 2004 through April 6,2005- Part Numbers 10024873,10027646, 10027798 and Auto-Belay Descenders serviced between from August 27, 2004 and April 6, 2005- Part Number 10021806

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Immediate Attention Required April 13, 2005

MSA recently became aware of two incidents where climbers using the Redpoint Descender experienced a rapid rate of descent. Our initial investigation indicates that under certain use conditions the model of one-way bearing used in the descenders indicated above may not operate as intended for this application and can result in the brakes not engaging during descent.

MSA asks that you immediately remove all affected descenders from service and return them to MSA for installation of a new one-way bearing. The one-way bearing in question was used on Redpoint Descenders manufactured from August 27, 2004 through April 6, 2005. It was also installed on certain Redpoint and Auto-Belay Descenders serviced during this time period. This notice is being issued to customers who may have these units.

Please immediately take the following steps.

1. Locate all of the above listed Redooint and Auto-Belav Descenders.

2. Remove all affected Redpoint and Auto-Belav Descenders from service. The part number, date of manufacture, and date of last factory service of the unit is located on the white date of manufacture label affixed to the back of the housing. Discontinue use and remove from service all Redpoint Descenders manufactured or serviced from August 271 2004 through April 6, 2005 and all Auto-Belay Descenders serviced from August 271 2004 through April 6, 2005.

3. Contact MSA to arranqe for the return of affected units. Call MSA Customer Service at 1-800-MSA-2222 to make arrangements for the return and repair of affected Redpoint and Auto-Belay Descenders. Your descender will be upgraded with a new one-way bearing of a different model. In addition, the annual service will be performed on the unit free of charge. Your upgraded and serviced descender will be returned to you as quickly as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may cause you. We will make every attempt to service and return your unit as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please contact MSA Customer Service at 1-800-MSA-2222.

Very truly yours, Charles J. Seibel, Jr. Manager of Product Safety PPLO5008-06

Mine Safety Appliances Company. P.O. Box 426 .Pittsburgh, PA 15230 Telephone: (412) 967-3000