I first noticed KINESIOLOGY THERAPEUTIC TAPE ($12.99, on the Olympian Kerri Walsh’s shoulder during a beach-volleyball match. I saw it again at the Bouldering World Cup in Vail, where Jonas Baumann (who won) used it on his forearm. The folks at KT Tape sent us a few rolls — I followed the Web-video instructions and applied some strips to my cranky left shoulder. (You don’t wrap it very tightly, as one might with standard athletic tape.) After bouldering a few times with KT Tape, I noticed the pain reduction — also hard to measure, but my movement felt smoother and unimpinged, perhaps due to the tape’s bloodflow-augmenting properties. The latex-free KT Tape comes off in handy pre-measured lengths, and you can reuse it for days, addressing nearly every nagging joint and muscle issue.

—Justin Roth